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“Since issuing the action plan, we have partnered with a range of digital health software companies and other stakeholders to begin developing a precertification program that could replace the need for a premarket submission for certain medical software products and allow for a streamlined review of marketing submissions for others. While there is general consensus that the FDA needs a new process, exactly how the changes would be implemented is unclear.  “At the end of the day this is an exchange of responsibility. What we are talking about is coming up with a new model that focuses more on the who than the what,” Bradley Thompson, an FDA expert and attorney at Epstein Becker Green, told MobiHealthNews. “From an industry standpoint the only reason you would be interested in doing that is if it makes your life better or easier, if you can get to market more quickly and without overall increase in cost of doing business.” The FDA has come up with some initial “ excellence principles ,” which include patient safety, product quality, clinical responsibility, cybersecurity responsibility, and proactive culture. But figuring out what those look like in practice is a different story.  “A lot of the work was around identifying what are key fundamental principles around what is high quality development and what are the indicators that can be used to make metrics around those indicators,” Reed said. “What are the current industry standards that define excellence in software development [and] what are the global standards and how do we turn that into [something] the FDA measures.” But there is some indication what the FDA metrics might look like. The agency released a draft of appraisal questions.  “I think right now the system that we are contemplating is a little bit over the top,” Thompson said. “I look at the assessment model and I see 150 questions on the website. I think that is a lot. That would be burdensome for companies. Would they do it? Well, they might if that made [the devices] freely flow to market.” Those 150 draft appraisal questions ask everything from “How does your organization prioritize a culture of proactivity?” to more concrete questions like “How do you leverage real-world evidence in improving patient safety?” Multiple workshop attendees have commented that translating ideas and theories into metrics is difficult.

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